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Through recordings and energetic live shows Opensight deliver a combination of Rock and Heavy Metal sounds with a vintage cinematic sensitivity. Drawing from different palettes, the band is notorious for dressing up their songs with suspense, spy themes, hard-boiled action sequences and enigmatic horror passages among other elements, revelling in vintage Genre Film conventions as a main source of inspiration.
“Imagine Faith No More crafting the soundtrack to a sixties espionage themed show and you get some idea of the visual potency on the imagination and the intricate yet seemingly simple tapestry of sound seducing ears.”
- The Ringmaster
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Opensight’s forthcoming full length “Mondo Fiction” will blend the band’s signature heaviness and intensity with themes and motifs that could be featured in iconic scenes: From car chases in a 70s crime film or a plot twist in a murder mystery all the way to a villain’s theme or visiting an old graveyard in a supernatural thriller.


Opensight’s previous release “Ulterior Motives” is a thriller comprised of memorable melodies, spy themes and powerful orchestrations to support its concept of secrecy and mystery. Producer Will Maya (The Answer, Breed 77, The Heretic Order, Panic Cell, The Morage, Adrian Smith) was hired to help the band capture this record which was described upon its release as "Unique and Delightful" (, "Quirky and Jazzy" (RollingStone), "Intimate, expansively suggestive and bordering psychotic" (The Ringmaster).

Listen here 

"Classy elegance and exhilarating cinematic sweeps. Something unique and absolutely delightful"

—  Bloody Disgusting

“Opensight took the stage with the energy and confidence of a well-seasoned band. In terms of stage performance they pulled all the stops and offered something worthy of a world touring band playing the bigger venues. Their sound reminded me slightly of The Mars Volta and Fantômas, a great combination of influences that results in something great to hear and that keeps you guessing what you’re getting on the next song..”
- The Moshville Times

Opensight has shared the stage with numerous bands including Uriah Heep, Slade, Focus, Acid Reign, Dakesis etc. and has taken part of different shows across the UK including festivals such as A New Day Festival, Metal 2 The Masses, MetalBrew, Sunk Fest, The FaceMelter, Pure Rock Fest among others.

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