Opensight was created to captivate and invade the imagination of listeners, by writing and performing heavy songs with motifs inspired by Genre Films, mainly of Thriller, Horror and Sci Fi flavours.
Through recordings and energetic live shows, Opensight deliver exhilarating heavy rock and metal sounds with a sense of adventure and dramatic lyrics. Songs like “Alibi” and “The Chase” are charged with powerful cinematic sweeps and suggestive themes that have the listener lost to the world within their riveting theatre.

Newer unreleased tracks are already being presented to live audiences....from the villainous motifs of “Plot Twist”, the heroic and climatic stabs of “In here, with us”, the unbreakable determined spirit of "Primitive Principle", the tongue in cheek horror and danger of “Out of Sight (Judge of the Departed)” and the intimate, Bond-inspired “Secrecy”...the next chapter in Opensight’s all-nighter-multi-feature presentation is in the works. Check demo versions of the tracks below. Please bear in mind that this playlist is secret and not to be shared externally :) 


Opensight’s last release “Ulterior Motives” is a thriller comprised of memorable melodies, spy themes and powerful orchestrations to support its concept of secrecy and mystery.

Producer Will Maya (The Answer, Breed 77, The Heretic Order, Panic Cell, The Morage, Adrian Smith) was hired to help the band capture this record which was described upon its release as "Unique and Delightful" (, "Quirky and Jazzy" (RollingStone), "Intimate, expansively suggestive and bordering psychotic" (The Ringmaster). Listen here


"Classy elegance and exhilarating cinematic sweeps. Something unique and absolutely delightful"

—  Bloody Disgusting


Opensight has shared the stage with numerous bands including Uriah Heep, Slade, Focus, Acid Reign, GoldRay, Ben Christo (Sisters Of Mercy) and has taken part of different shows across the UK including festivals such as A New Day Festival, Metal 2 The Masses, MetalBrew, Sunk Fest, The FaceMelter, Pure Rock Fest among others.


LONG BIO (Coming soon)


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